Friday, December 14, 2012


Hi all,

I heard about the shooting today whilst studying for a final. Somebody wrote "27 dead in Newton school shooting" (misspelling Newtown), and I immediately thought of Newton, Massachusetts, one of my first homes. I thought about how people I care about go to the two main Newton high schools, and of Andrey mentioning the other day that drugs have become a major issue at the bigger of the two. Soon after I found out that the shooting was in Connecticut, but I can't imagine feeling that same sense of panic and grief constantly, as the people of Newtown must be.

Anyways, I just felt the need to let you all know how much you mean to me. I love my family more than anything in this world, and my heart goes out to people who lost a part of theirs today.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Finals are upon us, here at NYU. It's been all work since Thanksgiving, but I had lots of fun this past weekend, as Andrey finally visited me! Here are some pictures from the weekend...
For 30 Rock fans, this should be a familiar sight...
Rockefeller Center: Prometheus and THE TREE!
The Rockefeller skating rink - somebody rented it out for a few minutes to propose to his girlfriend. How cute is that?
Many, many pigeons (aka "flying rats")
Central Park skating rink
NYU has a very cool program every year called Flurry, in which they rent the Central Park rink for NYU students only. Unfortunately I was studying for a math final during it, but I am already excited to go next year!

I go home on December 21st, and back at the tail end of January. Counting down the days...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas spirit

I am full of it! Christmas spirit, that is ;-)

Unfortunately, the next three weeks are finals, finals, finals. We're not allowed to have any Christmas trees, real or fake, in our rooms. Nonetheless, I've tried to incorporate some Christmas-ness into my dorm...
Some lights in my (messy) dorm room
Some snowflakes around Monsieur PostIt
The mini-Christmas tree at my friend Sophia's apartment

It's also sunny and almost 60 here (um winter, where are you?). Nonetheless, I am super excited to see Rockefeller Center tree with Andrey next weekend, and hopefully I'll be able to walk through a snowy Central Park before I go back home on the 21st.

Happy December!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

It's a beautiful day in the East Village...

 ... And I have a buttload of homework to do! I can't even be upset about it, because I am so excited that in three days I'll be home in Boston, and in four in Wisconsin!

Also, a picture I took from the top floor of the American Museum of Natural History on the Upper West Side of the park:
Happy Sunday!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

If you have a second...

Hi all,

I normally wouldn't post this sort of thing, but this is quite important to me. One of my favorite teachers, Judi Freeman, is a finalist in an upstanding educators contest. If she wins, BLS students taking her Facing History and Ourselves class (a fascinating course on genocide) will get scholarship money to travel to Eastern Europe. You can vote once per day until November 26th.
Ms. Freeman was one of my biggest inspirations for becoming a teacher. Please take a second to vote! I've voted for a few weeks, and they have only emailed me once to announce that she made it to the final round.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This week

Tuesday was by far one of the most excellent days of my life, so far! It was so great knowing my vote counted, and such a great feeling that my first candidate won! As soon as everyone saw the votes tick from 268 to 275 (Makenna and I were constantly refreshing the HuffPost map and screaming at our computers, ha), people began running through the halls cheering. From other NYU students I've gathered that both President Obama and Mitt Romney supporters are appreciating the other five major wins last night:

-The first disabled female veteran elected to be a House Rep

-The first Asian-American woman elected to the Senate

-The first openly gay person - and woman! - elected to the Senate

-Three more states accepting gay marriage and one refusing a DOMA-like ban; this particularly made me feel warm and fuzzy. Hours before the election, my beloved Sign Language professor, whilst teaching us family signs (I can now describe my extensive family, including steps in sign! Woohoo!) that he would be married now, but his long-time partner died just before gay marriage passed in New York.

-The defeat of the disgustingly ignorant politicians who made a slew of revolting and downright embarrassing comments about rape. Whether you support or oppose the right to choose, rape should never be described as a gift from God. Period.

Much respect to the gracious (though admittedly limited) Romney voters here, who are classily celebrating the universal victories above instead of complaining a la Donald Trump.

 What an amazing feeling!

I didn't go to Times Square but some friends did and said it was incredibly fun; here's a picture of Times Square from the news:
I felt very patriotic and painted my nails to match during the speeches:
It also decided to snow today! Here are some pictures from my street...
(Sorry for the reflection in this picture!)
Hope you are all well! I am so excited to see my Wisconsin family in just 15 days!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ooooooh, Saaaandy

Hi, all!

Just wanted to let you know I'm fine here in NYC. My building has power/lights in the hallways and even hot water now! I have bus tickets to visit home from Thursday to Sunday, hopefully the buses will really run. Luckily I have no classes until Monday!

Talk to you soon,

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cape Cod

I love the beach near my dad's new house! Here are some pictures from my last visit...

First we went to the beach:
Then we explored a hiking trail that winds through the dunes:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


A few weekends ago I visited Boston again, and we had a delightfully fall-themed weekend, including a trip to Wilson Farms:
There were many delicious snacks, including caramel apples and apple cider donuts: (before you ask, Andrey messed up a backflip on a trampoline and landed on his face):
We also had fresh corn for dinner:

 And mom planted some lovely flowers on the porch:
The highlight, of course, was seeing these fools! 

 P.S. Sorry for the late post this week - I had the beautiful combination of stomach flu + sinus infection this weekend. It was as nice as it sounds.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

September Snapshots

Some of my favorite things I've caught on camera from the last month:

 A ridiculously gorgeous September day:
This excellent little piano prodigy who I see most days of the week (always in a suit, drinking a milkshake!). Can you believe he is only eight years old?
 My favorite street art on my daily walk:
This odd building a few blocks from mine:
 The rescue kittens that spend their days being cute in Union Square:
And part of my ever-evolving cork board, which includes a free Obama pin I scored from the nicest lil grandpa in Union Square:
Also, for those unfamiliar with Manhattan geography: I live in Greenwhich Village, towards the bottom left of the island on this map :-)

Happy October!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Last weekend...

Last weekend (September 21st - 22nd) I finally visited Boston!

I arrived in Boston Friday afternoon (it's a 4.5-ish hour bus ride from NYC). That night, my mum, Steve, Blair and I watched Up and had some delicious Teryaki House (we even had a fire going because it's been quite chilly there!).

The next day, mum and I had a girls day. We walked to Broadway and rented the very-cool Hubway bikes, and rode the scenic way to Harvard Square past the Esplanade.

That night, my dad picked me up and I finally got to see his new house on Cape Cod and unpack my new room! Sunday morning, dad, Andrey and I took a walk on the biking-distance Kalmus beach:

I had lots of work last week, so I gladly caught up on my sleep, TV shows and homework this past weekend. Next weekend, because of Columbus Day, I'll be in Massachusetts Friday night through Monday! Yay!

Also, I apologize for the once-a-week post frequency lately - I don't have too much work this week, so hopefully I'll be able to get some more posts up soon :-)

Have a lovely week, all!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fun in the Sun

Last weekend (September 15th), Andrey came to visit me in New York! We had such an awesome Saturday - it was gorgeous, high seventies, sunny and breezy. We spent most of the day wandering through Central Park, eventually stopping and spending half the day in Sheep's Meadow (logically, we did handstands for a few hours instead of homework). Unfortunately Manhattan has become quite chilly since - I'm already wearing scarves!


Then we headed over to Ruby Foo's and had a ridiculously delicious dinner! (Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!)
(Sorry for the crappy quality, this picture was taken with A's phone)

Up next: this very fun past weekend :-)

Monday, September 17, 2012


Hi all! Here is the requested post about my classes...

First of all, because I declared my major when I applied and my program is essentially a five-year program condensed into four years, I don't have much wiggle room when it comes to choosing classes. Nonetheless, I am enjoying most of my classes so far!

Classes I am taking this semester:
1. Writing the Essay. Every freshman has to take it, regardless of major. My professor is cool and there are no tests, so I can't complain.
2. Texts & Ideas: Antiquity and the 19th Century. I think I'd rather take Latin than this class. It's pretty damn awful, mostly because my professor is  (insert your favorite bad adjective here) . Luckily I don't have to take any classes like this one in the future!
3. Quantitative Reasoning: Probability, Statistics, and Decision Making. I feel like I'm probably cheating for taking this because I got an A+ in Statistics senior year, but it's nice to be ahead in math for once! My professor is also hilarious, which helps :-)
4. American Sign Language 1. This is probably the best class I've ever taken. Sign language is just fascinating, and hopefully I will become semi- or fully fluent in it by graduation. The coolest part? My professor insists on absolutely no spoken words in any class, and only occasionally resorts to writing on the board; I still haven't heard his voice or any of my classmates' voices!
I think the best thing is that math and sign language were the two classes I was most worried about (because of my bad experiences with math teachers and upperclassmen warnings about my ASL professor, respectively), and they are so far my two favorites! Guess I judged too soon :-)
The following are seminars (meaning they are once per week or every other week, but still have homework and projects):
5. New Student Seminar. This seminar helps freshman acclimate to life in New York City, and familiarizes us with NYU resources. Something nice about it is that my group consists only of other T&L (Teaching & Learning) freshmen, so I can get to know other people in my program, and is taught by a former NYPS teacher.
6. Steinhardt Scholars Seminar. This seminar is for those of us in Steinhardt (Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development) who are on significant merit-based scholarships as part of the Steinhardt Honors Program; our topic is the stereotype versus reality of the American Dream. Although there's quite a bit of reading and a few large projects, during spring break, we will travel to another country! In the past the group has gone to Greece, Ghana, Mexico, etc.!
7. Field Observations. Because my program lets me graduate with a BA and teaching certification, I have to complete two semesters of student teaching; before I can start student teaching, I have to do a minimum of 100 hours of observations. This includes workshops about teaching (I attended a great one last Friday about how preschoolers learn through play), visits to public schools in a variety of boroughs, and trips to other educational programs such as the famous Rosie's Theater Kids. It's probably my favorite part of the school week so far!

On top of my classes, I have an unpaid (but very cool) internship with a nation-wide study about child development in Head Start and Early Head Start programs (Michelle is working on this study in Colorado as well!); I am also in the process of finding a paying job. So far, I definitely prefer fewer class hours to more homework hours as well; I don't know how much sleep I'll get this year, but I'm used to having a lack of that by now, aren't I? ;)

Lastly - please comment and let me know what you'd like to know about!

And just for fun, a picture of our suite door, drawn by my roommate:


Monday, September 10, 2012

Highlights of this past week or so...

Seeing this sidewalk reminder en route to class every morning...

Enjoying the Chelsea Piers last Thursday...

Managing to do a front handspring and a back handspring at gymnastics! I still need to be spotted, but it was very exciting nonetheless...

 Relaxing by the Washington Square Park fountain...

Getting much-needed new gym shoes (on sale, no less!) on Saturday...

Enjoying the sunny sky this morning after a week of rain. (Also, note the trees on top of the building on the right - the number of green roofs in Manhattan is wonderful!)

 Happy Monday! (If there is such a thing)