Friday, August 31, 2012

Welcome Week

NYU freshmen have no classes until next week so that we may take part in Welcome Week, which is a compilation of different events revolving around having fun, meeting people, exploring the campus (aka Manhattan), et cetera.

So far, I have....

...Gone to an excellent a cappella show, featuring the flawless N-Harmonics. (Seriously, watch the whole thing!)

...Gone to Rocky Horror with my lovely roommate!

...Seen a midnight rooftop movie (again, with said lovely roommate):

...Went to a crazy-fun adult gymnastics class at this awesome gym (bonus: getting to explore the gorgeous Chelsea Piers!):

...Explored the crazy-awesome NYU gym, which everything I ever dreamed of in a gym. But really. I'm going there after I post this!

Classes start Tuesday - very exciting!

That's all for now, folks!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


My dorm is beyond AWESOME. I moved Sunday at 8AM - the timing was great, because for the nine hours after that, the line to get inside and use the elevators (dorms go to the 26th floor) was around the corner! It was pretty nuts...

I share a little common room and bathroom with my roommate and two suitemates, who have their own bedroom next door:

I am still putting it together...

...but here is what I have configured since yesterday morning!

I also have a lovely view:

Also, fun fact: my roommate and suite mates are from Los Angeles, Miami, and Suriname, respectively, so I am the only one who has experienced a proper snowy winter before :-)

Overall: much better than the typical cinderblock-cell dorm experience, especially considering I get to live in such a nice and cool neighborhood of Manhattan. Thanks, NYU!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Fabulous Birthday!

What a fabulous 18th birthday! We left in the morning, after packing the car full to it's last inch:

We stopped at Mul's Diner for some yummy breakfast (along with a dozen or so cops, construction workers, and firemen). Andrey gave me a few presents, including scratch cards - nothing like winning twenty bucks to start a day!

We officially arrived in New York and checked into our hotel around 1PM. Andrey, AKA Winner of Best Boyfriend of the Year award, had called ahead to tell them it was my birthday, so all our rooms were upgraded to this amazing view!

We ate at a lovely Italian place for dinner (complete with a staff-sung "Happy Birthday" song!) and then saw the hilarious (and hilariously-wrong) Avenue Q.

What an excellent day!

Tomorrow: Move-In Recap and Dorm Tour!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Packing, packing, and more packing

Today was spent - you guessed it!- packing. My dad is moving to Cape Cod on Monday, and so I had to pack up all my belongings because I will not be back to the Dedham house before he moves.

Now, my mom and I have done more than our fair share of moving. I therefore thought I would be at least experienced, if not advanced at packing by now, but I did not account for the sheer volume of stuff that I have! Unlike my mom, my dad has lived in the same house for nearly sixteen years now. And my goodness, I have accumulated quite a lot in that decade and a half! While much was donated or tossed, I also recovered some real gems, like the beautiful rocking horse my Grandpa made me in 1995.

My feet and back are feeling the solid nine hours of packing I did today, but at least everything is all boxed up! Tomorrow, I resume with even more (yes) packing, as I fill up the car for Saturday's Big Move to the Big Apple.

My favorite view - from my desk

It is quite a bittersweet feeling to leave my childhood home once and for all, but exciting adventures await me elsewhere. So long, dear Beech Street!

(P.S. - I have enabled my comments so that you do not have to log in in order to post. Any and all comments would be greatly appreciated )

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sushi + Mousse?

Today, I celebrated my birthday at my dad's house. We kept it simple - delicious sushi and the cutest lil mousse cake ever!

Three days til the big move to New York!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Whilst packing...

... I found a Montessori Educare T-shirt that still fits!!! I've been desperately wanting one since our little reunion last year, especially since the school closed down after I left, and the new school has a different logo. As if the new blue logo could ever trump the delightfully garrish neon orange and dark green child's drawing of Montessori Educare T-shirts!

Oh Montessori, I love and owe you so much!

P.S. I did this whole post from my iPhone on the train. Technology is too cool!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Beautiful 18th Birthday Cake

Because I am moving into my dorm room on my actual 18th birthday (August 25th), we celebrated a week early. Steve made the most AMAZING New York themed cake! 

The monuments and subway letters are even edible, made out of modeling chocolate!

The cake and party were excellent. How lucky I am to be part of this crazy family!

An Introduction

Hello, all! This blog is to keep friends and family updated as I move to New York City for my freshman year of college at NYU. Thanks for visiting!