Sunday, November 18, 2012

It's a beautiful day in the East Village...

 ... And I have a buttload of homework to do! I can't even be upset about it, because I am so excited that in three days I'll be home in Boston, and in four in Wisconsin!

Also, a picture I took from the top floor of the American Museum of Natural History on the Upper West Side of the park:
Happy Sunday!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

If you have a second...

Hi all,

I normally wouldn't post this sort of thing, but this is quite important to me. One of my favorite teachers, Judi Freeman, is a finalist in an upstanding educators contest. If she wins, BLS students taking her Facing History and Ourselves class (a fascinating course on genocide) will get scholarship money to travel to Eastern Europe. You can vote once per day until November 26th.
Ms. Freeman was one of my biggest inspirations for becoming a teacher. Please take a second to vote! I've voted for a few weeks, and they have only emailed me once to announce that she made it to the final round.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This week

Tuesday was by far one of the most excellent days of my life, so far! It was so great knowing my vote counted, and such a great feeling that my first candidate won! As soon as everyone saw the votes tick from 268 to 275 (Makenna and I were constantly refreshing the HuffPost map and screaming at our computers, ha), people began running through the halls cheering. From other NYU students I've gathered that both President Obama and Mitt Romney supporters are appreciating the other five major wins last night:

-The first disabled female veteran elected to be a House Rep

-The first Asian-American woman elected to the Senate

-The first openly gay person - and woman! - elected to the Senate

-Three more states accepting gay marriage and one refusing a DOMA-like ban; this particularly made me feel warm and fuzzy. Hours before the election, my beloved Sign Language professor, whilst teaching us family signs (I can now describe my extensive family, including steps in sign! Woohoo!) that he would be married now, but his long-time partner died just before gay marriage passed in New York.

-The defeat of the disgustingly ignorant politicians who made a slew of revolting and downright embarrassing comments about rape. Whether you support or oppose the right to choose, rape should never be described as a gift from God. Period.

Much respect to the gracious (though admittedly limited) Romney voters here, who are classily celebrating the universal victories above instead of complaining a la Donald Trump.

 What an amazing feeling!

I didn't go to Times Square but some friends did and said it was incredibly fun; here's a picture of Times Square from the news:
I felt very patriotic and painted my nails to match during the speeches:
It also decided to snow today! Here are some pictures from my street...
(Sorry for the reflection in this picture!)
Hope you are all well! I am so excited to see my Wisconsin family in just 15 days!