Friday, December 14, 2012


Hi all,

I heard about the shooting today whilst studying for a final. Somebody wrote "27 dead in Newton school shooting" (misspelling Newtown), and I immediately thought of Newton, Massachusetts, one of my first homes. I thought about how people I care about go to the two main Newton high schools, and of Andrey mentioning the other day that drugs have become a major issue at the bigger of the two. Soon after I found out that the shooting was in Connecticut, but I can't imagine feeling that same sense of panic and grief constantly, as the people of Newtown must be.

Anyways, I just felt the need to let you all know how much you mean to me. I love my family more than anything in this world, and my heart goes out to people who lost a part of theirs today.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Finals are upon us, here at NYU. It's been all work since Thanksgiving, but I had lots of fun this past weekend, as Andrey finally visited me! Here are some pictures from the weekend...
For 30 Rock fans, this should be a familiar sight...
Rockefeller Center: Prometheus and THE TREE!
The Rockefeller skating rink - somebody rented it out for a few minutes to propose to his girlfriend. How cute is that?
Many, many pigeons (aka "flying rats")
Central Park skating rink
NYU has a very cool program every year called Flurry, in which they rent the Central Park rink for NYU students only. Unfortunately I was studying for a math final during it, but I am already excited to go next year!

I go home on December 21st, and back at the tail end of January. Counting down the days...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas spirit

I am full of it! Christmas spirit, that is ;-)

Unfortunately, the next three weeks are finals, finals, finals. We're not allowed to have any Christmas trees, real or fake, in our rooms. Nonetheless, I've tried to incorporate some Christmas-ness into my dorm...
Some lights in my (messy) dorm room
Some snowflakes around Monsieur PostIt
The mini-Christmas tree at my friend Sophia's apartment

It's also sunny and almost 60 here (um winter, where are you?). Nonetheless, I am super excited to see Rockefeller Center tree with Andrey next weekend, and hopefully I'll be able to walk through a snowy Central Park before I go back home on the 21st.

Happy December!