Friday, April 17, 2015

Katze, chat, gato

As I mentioned in my last post, Tabby the tabby cat has come to live with us in New York. We are extremely sad for Steve and hoping he will be well enough to have her again eventually, but for now, we are greatly enjoying having this fluffy curmudgeon around the house.

Some introductory facts about Tabby:

  • Her full name is Tabitha
  • Her (equally creative) nickname is Cat or Kitty
  • She is a spry thirteen-year-old lady
  • She enjoys looking out the window, so much so that the sill next to Andrey's desk is now called the Cat Office
  • She also enjoys eating all flying things that come through those windows
  • She is one of those rare cats that likes it when people pet her belly
  • She expresses her love in head butting, deep purring, and attacking feet
  • She is the same kitty from this photograph of her and her first canine buddy, Sloane: 

Andrey and I are hoping to move in to a dog-friendly apartment next summer, and we'd love to get a pup! It'd be Tabby's third co-pet, and possibly (depending on many factors) even another Great Dane.

A few more recent photos of Kitty in hew new abode:

I've also been posting lots of pictures of her on Instagram, a feed of which is embedded on the left side of this blog.

More Kitty to come!

Enjoy your weekend.